Secrets of the Universe: Energy, Frequency & Vibration

Secrets of the universe

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
– Nikola Tesla

This quote by Nikola Tesla reveals a secret that has the power to change your life. Everything in the universe from the rocks to the stars is made up of energy that vibrates at a specific frequency. Majorly, there are two kinds of frequencies – lower and higher, the magic starts to happen when we vibrate at higher frequencies. On the other hand, low frequencies function as a sponge for negative energy.

The secrets of the universe are not so secret after all. Consciously or not, we utilize the laws of the universe every day in our lives by following our instincts. It is through our instincts that the universe speaks to us. Hence everything you read in this article may in a sense resonate with you as these are the fundamental truths accepted by science that constitutes the nature of our universe.

If you ever wondered why some people always get all they want and others suffer then read on. In this article, I will uncover the magic or in other words, the science behind how manifestations occur.

What is Energy?

Energy is something that can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another. Energy is everywhere and we are all energy.

For instance, your digestive system oxidizes the food you eat to supply your body with the energy required to keep it runningPlants use the energy from the sun to convert water, minerals, and CO2  absorbed by their roots to make food. When you heat something, the molecules gain kinetic energy and they vibrate vigorously to produce thermal energy. The sun converts nuclear energy into heat and light. Last but not the least, lightening transforms electrical energy into light, heat and sound.

Even though we are all aware of this fundamental idea, the secrets of the universe stays hidden because we seldom internalize this perspective and its implications. We look at the quantum world as something that is separate from us rather than us being an extension of it. Energy conversion is not just true in the physical sense but it also holds true in the spiritual sense. This is in virtue of “The Law Of Correspondence” which states that each law has its corresponding principles in the physical, mental and spiritual realms. You will find the same patterns expressing itself in the smallest of electrons to the largest stars in the sky.

What is Frequency?

Frequency can be defined as the number of waves that pass a space in a given amount of time. If a wave takes 1/2 a second to pass a point then the frequency is 2 per second.

The secrets of the universe are revealed in frequency in the sense that you are the product of the frequency you vibrate in. Everything that manifests in your life manifests because it matches the vibration of your thoughts. Someone rightly said, “change your thoughts, change your life.” Every concept, theory, or invention at first starts with an idea that originates in your mind. The more you pursue an idea in your mind, the more you vibrate at that frequency.

This is the secret of how you can achieve anything you want. Focusing all your energy on your object of manifestation will make you vibrate at the frequency of your desired state. This is the only way to change your state. Your desired state is like a channel on a radio that you can tune in to by changing your frequency. Our lack of perspective is what makes such concepts so esoteric which is reality is simply a law.

What is Vibration?

At the quantum level, sub-atomic particles behave not just as particles but also as waves. Based on this uncanny dual nature of their existence, it is safe to say that at the most fundamental level of our existence we are all vibrating strings of energy.

Each of us vibrates at a unique frequency and experiences a version of physical reality that is exclusive for us. We create our own universe shaped by our childhood experiences, societal conditioning, self-realizations, beliefs, values, and our worldviews etc. Our worldview is the lens through which we perceive the world around us and this is the frequency we vibrate in. Energy and mass or thoughts and physicality are two sides of the same coin. Albert Einstein in a 1948 film called “Atomic Physics” said the following quote:

“It followed from the special theory of relativity that mass and energy are both but different manifestations of the same thing — a somewhat unfamiliar conception for the average mind.”

Frequency and vibration are directly proportional to each other. Increase your frequency, the vibration will increase, and vice versa. Every thought, emotion, action, etc is a vibration in itself. It is a scientifically proven fact that psychological states affect your physiology. For instance, when you are anxious, you feel low which in turn lowers your energy, even demotivating you from pursuing daily activities that affect your physical state. As a result, some people indulge in gratifying activities like binge eating, binge-watching, etc that for the most part is detrimental to the body.

List of Important Frequencies:

1. Human Body:

Genius Brain Frequency 80-82 MHz
Brain Frequency Range 72-90 MHz
Normal Brain Frequency 72 MHz
Human Body 62-78 MHzHeart: 67-70 MHz
Lungs: 58-65 MHz
Liver: 55-60 MHz
Human Body: from Neck up 72-78 MHz
Human Body: from Neck down 60-68 MHz

2. Disease:

Colds and Flu start at 57-60 MHz
Diseases start at 58 MHz
Candida overgrowth starts at 55 MHz
Receptive to Epstein Barr at 52 MHz
Receptive to Cancer at 42 MHz
Death begins at 25 MHz

3. Foods:

Fresh Foods: 20-27 Hz
Fresh Herbs: 20-27 Hz
Dried Foods: 15-22 Hz
Dried Herbs: 15-22 Hz
Processed/Canned Food: 0 HZ

Learn more about frequencies in this article.

What do the secrets of the universe mean for your everyday life?

From the time you are born, you have been learning by making meaning of your experiences. Your emotional responses are neurologically recorded for future responses to similar situations. This is the auto-pilot mode of the brain which generates responses automatically without conscious effort. Unfortunately, many of us lead our lives at this autopilot frequency, repeating the same patterns in life and never learning from our mistakes.

secrets of the universe

Negative responses and beliefs about self are stored as emotional blocks that inhibits you with fear from making the right choices or taking the right action. Our environment and experiences program us until new programs replace the previously learned responses. This is the loop of negative vibration that constrains many as they vibrate at lower frequencies like shame, guilt, fear, anger etc.

As you can see in the above scale, the lower energies are contracted while the higher energies are expanded. When you break the negative energy cycles you raise your emotional state to experience higher frequencies like acceptance, love, joy, and peace etc. This is the frequency of self-love and acceptance where you acknowledge your flaws and not look down upon yourself. The energy of love emanating from you not only increases your vibration but also that of others.

David R. Hawkins in his book Power Vs. Force introduced this scale that determined the frequencies of different levels of consciousness using the methods of muscle testing and kinesiology.

How can you increase your level of consciousness?

The first step is awareness of your current state of vibration. You can do this by analyzing your life and observing your actions, reactions, internal dialogues, and how you feel about yourself. Note down the emotions you feel deeply & those you do not by referring to the Hawkins scale. You will discover your current frequency.

Your aim should always be to vibrate at the expanded level of consciousness as it emanates the frequency of love which is the highest of all frequencies. If you are someone who for the most part of your life experienced lower emotions like anger, shame, jealousy, etc., you have to become aware of these emotions as you experience them in your everyday life. Once you identify them, the next step is to let them go by reminding yourself that you are invariably so much more than these emotions.

It may take months or even a year or two to raise your consciousness depending upon the degree of your conditioning. However, once you practice being aware on a regular basis, you will eventually create new patterns to replace the outdated ones. Ultimately, you would have conditioned yourself with enough emotions and reactions of the highest frequencies. At this new state, your vibration will be high and you will also witness an imminent change in your worldview.


Hence, the secrets of the universe is the secret of energy, frequency and vibration that dictates your level of consciousness. In other words, your consciousness is the state of your vibration that sets the base for the law of attraction to manifest your life.


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