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collective consciousness

Collective Consciousness: Archetypes, Akashic & Morphogenetics

Collective consciousness is the aspect of our psyche that is not personal to us and is derived from the experiences of our ancestors. It is the memory complex of entire humanity. In this article, find out the different connotations of the collective consciousness and learn how it manifests in our daily life.

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Strengthen your intuition

How to strengthen your intuition to lead a fulfilled life?

Intuition is your inner insight that arises without conscious reasoning. More often than not, we ignore our inner voices and let ourselves be guided by our egos. In this article, learn how intuition works, why you should trust your intuition, & explore seven ways by which you can strengthen it.

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authentic self

How To Overcome Negativity by Becoming Your True Self?

Our minds have a tendency to excessively fixate on negative information. When your life is filled with negativity, your authentic self that truly cares about your needs feels stifled. In this article, with the five ways listed, learn how to overcome negativity by shining your authentic self and also uncover why negativity prevails in your life.

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Self-control is Your Superpower

Self-control is your capacity to use your willpower to resist temptations for reasons that will serve you in the long run. This article talks about how you should delay your gratification, the TOTE loop for meeting your self-control goals, and six reasons why self-control is your superpower.

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How to practice mindfulness?

A Practical Guide to Practice Mindfulness

Why is this psychological state of being conscious of the present moment so important? Being mindful not only promotes mental but also physical well-being. In this article, learn five simple ways to practice mindfulness and the five most important benefits of mindfulness.

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Authentic Self

How to Be Your Authentic Self?

Your journey towards becoming your authentic self is your journey on the path of self-actualization. Especially today with the world digitalizing and social media dictating the norms of self-presentation, it is important now more than ever to be your authentic self. In this article, learn about the different layers of your personality and 4 ways to become more authentic.

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Archetypes: The Common Psychic Structures of Humanity

The archetypes are complexes of the collective unconscious made up of psychological patterns from our ancestors’ experiences. Carl Jung believed that our personality contains elements of consciousness that are common to all of humanity. In this article, explore the scientific evidence behind the existence of archetypes and ponder upon why you should dive deep into this mythical complex?

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Individuation Process

Individuation Process: Learn to Master Your “Self”

Individuation is the process through which you integrate the whole of your personality into your consciousness. It happens through a number of stages that are characterized as archetypal stages by Carl Jung. Learn about the five stages of individuation and the three most effective ways to individuate efficiently in this article.

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