How to practice mindfulness?

A Practical Guide to Practice Mindfulness

Why is this psychological state of being conscious of the present moment so important? Being mindful not only promotes mental but also physical well-being. In this article, learn five simple ways to practice mindfulness and the five most important benefits of mindfulness.

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Nikola Tesla Quotes

12 Nikola Tesla Quotes That Redefine The Nature of Reality

Nikola Tesla was an American-Serbian engineer, physicist & futurist who deciphered the secrets of the Universe. Through his work, he uncovered the underlying patterns of the universe that connects all things, sentient or not to the rest of the Universe. Check out the 12 Nikola Tesla quotes in this article that redefiness reality.

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Authentic Self

How to Be Your Authentic Self?

Your journey towards becoming your authentic self is your journey on the path of self-actualization. Especially today with the world digitalizing and social media dictating the norms of self-presentation, it is important now more than ever to be your authentic self. In this article, learn about the different layers of your personality and 4 ways to become more authentic.

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Archetypes: The Common Psychic Structures of Humanity

The archetypes are complexes of the collective unconscious made up of psychological patterns from our ancestors’ experiences. Carl Jung believed that our personality contains elements of consciousness that are common to all of humanity. In this article, explore the scientific evidence behind the existence of archetypes and ponder upon why you should dive deep into this mythical complex?

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Individuation Process

Individuation Process: Learn to Master Your “Self”

Individuation is the process through which you integrate the whole of your personality into your consciousness. It happens through a number of stages that are characterized as archetypal stages by Carl Jung. Learn about the five stages of individuation and the three most effective ways to individuate efficiently in this article.

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What is your nature of reality?

What Is Your Nature of Reality?

Your nature of reality is the worldview or the lens through which you perceive and find meaning in this world. There are two major worldviews – connected & disconnected whose implications have a drastic effect on the overall worldview of humanity. In this article, learn the nature of the two worldviews, their implications and how this worldview evolved overtime to be what it is today.

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Personality: An In-Depth Overview

According to Cattell, personality is that which permits a prediction of what a person will do in a given situation. But how does your personality form to shape your behaviors and actions? This article sheds light upon the age-old debate of nature vs nurture with scientific evidence and also dives deep into all the theories of personality followed by their critical evaluation.

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11 Universal Laws & The Logic Behind It

Have you ever wondered if there is an underlying design to the chaos in the universe? In this article, learn about the 11 fundaments Universal Laws that binds all of creation and the three utmost virtues of life that will bring harmony in all areas of your life. Let your life be guided by these laws and vibrate at the highest frequency to manifest all your desires.

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