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Secrets of the universe

Secrets of the Universe: Energy, Frequency & Vibration

Everything in the universe from the rocks to the stars is made up of energy. Learn to master your energy and you will learn to master your life. In this article, learn precisely what energy, frequency, and vibration are, what this means for you in everyday life, and how you can raise your vibration to raise your level of consciousness.

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Consciousness Creates Reality

How Does Your Consciousness Create Your Reality?

Your reality is your perception, the illusion that the Hindus call “Maya”. Your five senses only allow you to perceive a mere figment of reality limited by your perception of the 3d. Think about it, are there any absolute truths in this world or aren’t they just different lenses of perception?

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Nikola Tesla Quotes

12 Nikola Tesla Quotes That Redefine The Nature of Reality

Nikola Tesla was an American-Serbian engineer, physicist & futurist who deciphered the secrets of the Universe. Through his work, he uncovered the underlying patterns of the universe that connects all things, sentient or not to the rest of the Universe. Check out the 12 Nikola Tesla quotes in this article that redefiness reality.

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What is your nature of reality?

What Is Your Nature of Reality?

Your nature of reality is the worldview or the lens through which you perceive and find meaning in this world. There are two major worldviews – connected & disconnected whose implications have a drastic effect on the overall worldview of humanity. In this article, learn the nature of the two worldviews, their implications and how this worldview evolved overtime to be what it is today.

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