Imagination and Manifestation: The Secret of Creation

imagination and manifestation

Your willpower is only one-tenth as potent as your imagination. If all you use is willpower to manifest your desires, you will most definitely make your life tenfolds harder.

In reality, imagination and manifestation are two sides of the same coin with one side being the spiritual while the other physical. You can use the power of your imagination to attract anything effortlessly into your life.

Artists, philosophers, musicians, and inventors alike all share one thing in common, i.e., they all derive inspiration from the world within. Imagination is the origin of any idea irrespective of how big or small it may be. But before we dig into the power of imagination, let us understand how your worldview influences your beliefs and what you manifest.

How does your worldview influence your imagination and manifestation?

Your worldview is the lens through which you perceive and make meaning of the world around you. Years of mental conditioning have shaped your beliefs to become the person you are today. Your beliefs form your values using that dictate your decisions and judgments. All these elements come together to form your worldview.

Today is the era of the modern scientific worldview that views the world as a random and disorganized system lacking any higher-order organizing framework. In other words, science defies the idea of a higher power that decrees an order to the chaos in the Universe. This worldview brings about values that are dominating, self-serving and destructive. It makes one feel that nothing matters and that our actions and decisions make no difference either to ourselves, others or nature.

Imagination and ManifestationOn the other hand, the connected worldview promotes an organized structure of reality that is fractally and holographically present in the fabric of the Universe. In layman’s terms, we are all connected to everything in the Universe. This paradigm considers the well-being of all life on the planet unlike the self-serving perspective of the disconnected Universe.

You must operate from the paradigm of a connected worldview to see the fruits of the law of attraction. If your worldview is disconnected, most likely you will not believe in the law thus diminishing its authority in your mind. For your imagination to manifest you must truly believe in yourself and the Universe. Otherwise, the Universe will reflect your disbelief to you.

The law of correspondence


“As above so below, as within so without, as the Universe, so the soul.”

This is an immutable law of the Universe which states that each law has its corresponding principles in the physical, mental and spiritual realms. Since everything emanates from One source, there is no separation. The same pattern expressing itself in the smallest of electrons expresses itself in the largest stars. For instance, the iris of your eye reflects the shape of the helix nebula; brain cells mimic the pattern of the observable Universe and the birth of a cell mimics that of the death of a star, etc.

In essence, we create like God. And how does God create? God manifests the objects of creation from the unmanifested consciousness. The resulting process being the big bang. Like God we too create from our imagination. We manifest the potential energy of our desires into reality through our actions. In fact, there is nothing physical in this world that has not sparked from imagination. Physical reality always follows the spiritual.

What is manifestation?

In simple words, manifestation is the process of bringing your thoughts into reality. It also means to visualize your desires and to use the power of your imagination to attract them. The law of attraction explains why imagination and manifestation are two different aspects of the same notion.

As the name suggests, the law of attraction attracts all that your desire into your reality. This is because when you truly believe in something, the desired state becomes natural and obvious to you. In such a state you offer no resistance since there are no limiting beliefs. And this is the secret of manifestation.

Your subconscious mind, cannot differentiate between reality and imagination. What it basically registers is how you feel. The stronger the intensity of your feelings, the easier it is for your subconscious mind to manifest your dreams. And it is made possible because of the intricate order or a unified field of energy via which a feedback/feedforward loop is initiated and all information is exchanged.

Check out my article, how does consciousness create your reality to understand what reality is at the quantum level.

Bible verses that preach the law of attraction

All religious doctrines preach this idea though its true meaning and essence have been lost in translation. Even in your daily life consciously or not, you use the Law of Attraction to manifest things and it all starts with imagination. The Bible has several verses akin to the LOA, one such powerful verse by Jesus is,

“Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” – Matthew 7:7

Jesus wanted to plant the seeds of belief in his followers. By saying this, he wants us to ask with conviction and believe in our prayers even before we actually receive them. When you truly believe that you deserve something, you match the vibrational frequency of your desires.

The following is another powerful saying from the Bible that metaphorically points to the fact that external reality is only an illusion, the byproduct of your internal states. It is the mind that holds the power to make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven. You are the king – the master of your creation and your kingdom is your creation.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” – Luke 17:21

Neville Goddard on Imagination and Manifestation

Neville Goddard was a profound teacher, author, and mystic who interpreted the psychological meaning hidden in the mysterious words of the Bible. He is one of the most influential and powerful New Thought leaders of the past century. Neville believed that imagination is God and that we are creators of our own reality.

How does Neville describe reality?

Neville says, “The whole vast world is you pushed out”, and your reality is a reflection of you. He means that we operate based on our belief system and assumptions and every assumption that is alive in our minds plays out via the people we encounter in our lives. Nothing in the Universe is random, infact everything is where it should be, like characters in a movie awaiting their scenes. The beauty is, it all happens in real-time so nothing is ever permanent. Any decision irrespective of how small it may be has the potential to drastically influence the course of events.

There is no free will, everything functions based on one’s energetic frequency. The frequency that you vibrate in stems from your internal states regulated by your thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, and imagination. Hence, every time you truly believe in something, the Universe sets things in motion to prove it to you. Your Reticular Activating System gets programmed to subconsciously look for proofs that validate your assumptions in scientific terms. For instance, if you believe that you are bad at video making, you will subconsciously look for confirmation in your comments or DMs even if it remotely hints that you are bad. This confirmation will consequently strengthen your beliefs about your video-making skills.

Your inner spiritual world creates your outer world by attracting that which matches your vibrational frequency.

“Because creation is finished, what you desire already exists. It is excluded from your view because you can only see the content of your own consciousness. It’s the function of an assumption to call back the excluded view and restore full vision. It is not the world but your assumptions that change. An assumption brings the invisible into sight. It is nothing more nor less than seeing with the eye of God, i.e., imagination.” – Neville Goddard

How to use your imagination to manifest?

You are the dreamer and you are dreaming now. Your life is the result of the content of your dreams, your inner talk, and mainly the relationship you have with yourself. People can feel the way you feel about yourself and so does the Universe. And it reflects what you naturally expect. Your life becomes the most probable outcome of your thoughts.

The best time to imagine is while you fall asleep because that is when your mind is at the theta state. It is the best state for reprogramming your subconscious. The idea is to imagine your desired reality in vivid detail as if you are actually present in the scene.

Neville proposed several methods to make your visualization process feel more real. Some of which are:

1. Have a genuine desire
By genuine desires, Neville means that you must remain faithful to your change in position. When you are doubtful, you are double-minded and so is the energy that you emanate. The Universe does not care about the obstacles, it knows what is best for you and how and when to deliver your desires. Once you experience the ideal state in your imagination, “sleep and walk” from that state. This means that you fall asleep in that assumption and you wake up in that position. If your ideal state is being loved, feel and know that you are loved in your waking world.

2. Reverse want to have
What you feel is what you attract. So if you feel lack, the Universe will reflect the same to you. If you want a thousand dollars and persistently feel the lack in your current state, your desire will not manifest simply because you are not abiding by the law. Since imagination is God, you can reverse the feeling of want to have by imagining a situation or an outcome where you actually receive the thousand dollars. Repeat this every day and you will begin to feel that it is real and so will the Universe.

3. Persist in your assumption despite all odds
If your current reality holds no evidence of your desired reality even remotely and you are not very imaginative, it will be difficult for you to truly believe in your desires. So until then, despite the current state of your reality, you must stay true to your assumptions. For instance, if you want to manifest a thousand dollars but you barely earn 20 dollars every month, there is a huge energy gap between your real and desired state. To reduce this energy gap, you have to engage in activities that will increase the chances of your manifestation. When there is no resistance, all necessary events required to go from point A to B will flow to you naturally.


Physical reality is the outcome of our internal states. All of us are divinely connected to the source of all things. This connected worldview is the fundamental idea that should form the basis of your manifestation.

Imagination and manifestation go hand in hand since nothing manifests into reality that is not set in motion in your imagination. All religious teachings express this idea that implies the intrinsic connection we all share with the cosmos.

The crux of the matter is that belief is the backbone of manifestation. What you believe comes to you naturally and flows to you easily. Rumi in this beautiful quote points out a profound secret to manifestation.

“When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I sit in my own place of patience, what I want flows to me and without any pain.” – Rumi

We are all manifestors and creators of our own destiny. This article aims to make you realize that each of us has the power to consciously manifest our lives and lead a happy one.


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