How Does Your Consciousness Create Your Reality?

Consciousness Creates Reality

Is reality something tangible or is it just a construct of our minds? What is the origin of everything? In the grand scheme of the universe isn’t our 3-dimensional perspective too limited? These are some questions that you might ponder when you wonder about the nature of reality.

So let’s find out what science has deciphered about this mystical nature of reality.

What is Consciousness?

Scientists, philosophers, and spiritualists alike are baffled by the mind-wrecking stalemate the questions pertaining to the nature of consciousness arise!

Your reality is a perception or as the Hindus like to call it, “the Maya”. Your five senses only allow you to perceive a mere figment of reality. The 3-dimensional nature of our world limits our worldview with duality prevailing our physical and spiritual existence. Think about it, there are no absolute truths in this world, there are only different lenses of perception. The stars you see in the sky are in reality the glimpses of your past. The colors you perceive as red, yellow, blue, etc are only reflections of different wavelengths of lights.

Reality is a perception because your truth is only valid for you. This creates the diversity in perspectives that make the world beautiful. Today with the advent of technology, we are at the forefront of realizing the most fundamental truth that ancient humans instinctively knew. It resonates at the core of all notions of God and consciousness, i.e., “we are all connected.”

The Wonders of the Quantum World

To understand what makes us the smartest in the food chain, scientists sought answers at the tiniest levels of our existence. That is where the mystery of consciousness begins to unfold.

The quantum world is a world of enigma and wonder, nothing less than a fairy tale but for real! The most challenging aspect of quantum physics is not its results but the attitude with which we accept them. Their implications are risky because they challenge our sanity and our traditional worldview. Nonetheless, it allows mankind to perceive the world through the lens of possibilities contrary to the concept of destiny.

At the most fundamental level of our existence, reality is far from being objective. Rather it is analogous to a series of interwoven subjective experiences fed into your awareness. Experiments like the double-slit experiment and Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment challenges the traditional notions of what makes up reality.

The laws of quantum physics are different than the laws of the physical universe. To understand how consciousness creates reality, you have to know how particles behave at the most fundamental level of our being.

The Energy Perspective

Everything in the universe is made up of matter which is made up of atoms containing electrons moving around a nucleus. The electrons are not exclusive to their host atom but share orbits with other atoms to form molecules. They are indivisible.

The world of quantum physics starts in the nucleus – the sun of the quantum solar system. In 1964, Gell-Mann and George Zweig independently proposed that the protons and neutrons that make up the nucleus are divisible in sub-atomic particles called quarks. This was revolutionary!

  • Fundamental Forces of Nature

There are the four fundamental forces of nature which is the mystery that holds the nucleus together. They are the strong and weak nuclear forces, electromagnetism, and gravity.

The strong nuclear force binds the nucleus of an atom together and keeps the electrons spinning around it. The weak nuclear force is responsible for the decay of unstable subatomic particles. It is the same force that initiates the nuclear fusion reaction that fuels the Sun.

The electrical and the magnetic waves interact to form a spectrum of waves that vibrate at different wavelengths. Radio waves, infrared, light, UV, X rays, microwaves, gamma rays, etc are some examples of electromagnetic waves. They also exist as particles.

Gravity is the weakest of all fundamental forces. According to Newton, objects fall back to the surface because gravity pulls them down. However, according to Einstein gravity is not a force that pulls objects to the ground rather it happens because of the curvature of space-time. His famous theory of relativity proposed in 1915 revolutionized our perceptions of reality. Isn’t it fascinating that your mass determines the amount of space-time you are wrapping around yourself?

  • String Nature of Particles

After years of diving deep into the gamut of subatomic particles, physicists finally discovered that electrons are not just little dots but are vibrating particles like strings. These strings of energy become different subatomic particles when they interact with the Higgs field.

Thus at the most minuscule level of our existence, we are formless vibrations of energy with the potential to take form. When the vibrating string interacts it acquires meaning and comes into consciousness to become quarks, leptons or gluons, etc.

These subatomic particles resemble closely different musical notes on a vibrating string. The ancient Greeks believed that the plethora of diversity we see in our world today can be summarized by music. Each particle vibrates at a certain frequency and the dynamics of this frequency change is what gives it form.

Michio Kaku once said,

“What is physics, physics is nothing but the harmonies of these strings; what is chemistry, it is the melody of these strings; what is the universe, it is the symphony of strings; and what is the mind of God? The mind of God is the cosmic music resonating through 11 dimensions of hyperspace.”

  • God Particle

The God particle is the Higgs Field developed independently and simultaneously by a group of three scientists in 1964. They believed that certain particles appear massless until they interact with a field of energy that permeates the entire universe – the Higgs Field. It gives the particles life, a form, a unique momentum, or a spin. Hence the Higgs Boson was named the “God Particle”.

It was theorized that different particles interact differently with the Higgs field. The particles that interact intensely have a greater mass than the particles that do not. Imagine a fish with a sharp nose and another with a big block of stone, which one do you think will move faster? The former obviously because it imposes the least resistance. On the other hand, the fish with the big block will have a higher mass compared to the former.

The Higgs boson field of consciousness can be compared to the primordial substance that gives rise to consciousness from nothingness. It was only a theory until the Large Hadron Collider confirmed its existence in July 2012.

Experiments That Prove Consciousness Creates Reality

1. The Double-Slit Experiment

Humans discovered the mysterious world of quantum mechanics, thanks to Thomas Young’s double-slit experiment. He found that particles of matter also behave like waves, just like the waves of the ocean or sound waves.

Imagine minute particles of matter or electrons being passed through a slit on a screen. After enough particles pass through it, a line appears. What follows from here blew all existing notions of the construct of reality.

When another slit is added to the screen, you would typically expect two bands of lines on the second screen, right? Well, what physicists get instead is an interference pattern like the ripples in water when waves come into contact with each other. There were several bands of lines on the screen.

This was confusing. So physicists decided to fire one electron at a time through both the slits. Ideally, this should have resolved the possibility of the lines being created from the electrons bouncing off each other. However, the result was an interference pattern! So is it that the particle interacted with itself resulting in the interference pattern? Well yes, the electron exists both as a particle and a wave until it hits the screen. The wave attains mass and becomes a particle after coming into contact with the Higgs field.

Physicists further wondered, what mechanisms underplayed the electron’s decision to choose one slit over the other. So they measured it and its results were baffling. The electron behaved like a particle and formed one band instead of an interference pattern when measured. The very act of observing collapsed the wave function of all other probabilities and the particle became aware of the two choices in front of it. In other words, the particle became conscious of itself when scientists measured it and made a decision to chose which of the two slits to pass through. This is the most valid evidence of the fact that your consciousness creates your reality.

2. Schrodinger’s Cat Thought Experiment

Austrian physicist, Erwin Schrodinger came up with the most famous thought experiment that challenged the traditional notions of the nature of reality.

He imagined putting a cat into a sealed box with a radioactive material that had a 50% chance of killing the cat within the next one hour. So until you open the box, in the quantum world the cat is both alive and dead at the same time. This is because “matter” in the quantum world is nothing but probable states of vibrations. All particles behave as waves and exist in a state of superposition, meaning all events are probable during superposition. Your act of observation collapses all other wave functions and you experience just one possible reality.

In spiritual & laymen’s terms, in everyday life, you break numerous wave functions with your decisions that result in your ideal reality. Thus, it is your consciousness then creates your reality. Neville Goddard rightly said, “what you want is already yours”. Since everything is ultimately potential, in the quantum sense your ideal world is as probable as the one you are living now. Who knows, there could indeed be another you in a parallel universe living the life of your dreams.

3. Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

According to this principle, at any given instant you cannot simultaneously measure the velocity and the position of an electron. This principle is based on the wave-particle duality of matter. It means that in the quantum world though there are so many paths an electron can take it is almost impossible to precisely trace one.

Similarly, you have infinite possible realities that only exists as potential energy in your wishes and desires. This idea resonates with the teachings of the author and mystic Neville Goddard. He said,

“because creation is finished, what you desire already exists. It is excluded from your view because you can only see the contents of your own consciousness.”

Your destiny is in your hands because you have the power of choice to make what you want of your life. We are nothing but vibrating waves, carrying the potential energy of all other probabilistic wave functions. You can either choose your own vibrations or become the most probable outcome of your choices in life. Life is so much like a game and just maybe it might not be so difficult to figure it out.

We Live in Our Own Bubble of Reality

Imagine what life is like for a fish? It can only see and move in 2 directions and is in no capacity to perceive a 3-dimensional world. Its mind simply cannot process it. I wonder what myths fill the folklore of fishes about the world above! No matter what it says, the fishes who believe in it will surely be labeled as freaks.

There might after all be some truth to the ancient idea that objective reality is merely a reflection of your internal states of consciousness. You react to the world from your lens of perception and vibrate at your own frequency. So you exert meaning to the events of your life by reacting and that’s what makes your life real.

Beneath the skin of a human, we are the energy that holds the blueprints of our structure. The results of quantum physics reveal one truth that prevails above all, i.e., we are all energy at the minute levels of our existence. We exist both as matter and energy simultaneously and we have the power in our consciousness to create our own reality.

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