11 Universal Laws & The Logic Behind It

Have you ever wondered if there is an underlying design to the chaos in the universe? Did you ever think if the cosmos functions based on universal laws or if everything is only a result of randomness?

Have you ever had coincidences in life that made you think if there is a higher power behind things you deem random? 

Well, time and again through intuition and science it has been proven that the universe functions not at the whims and fancies of one great God but based on laws. These universal laws govern not just the evolution of the consciousness of humans but of the entire universe. These laws exist irrespective of whether you believe in them or not. Just because you do not perceive something does not mean it does not exist. 

What Will You Learn In This Article?

In this article, you will learn about the universal laws and the logic with which they operate. You will also learn about the virtues that will help you navigate through life and will put forth for you a way of being.

There are many perspectives regarding the number of universal laws. Some consider it to be 7 while others believe that there are 14. In this article, I will list down the 11 most important laws that govern our universe. 

Some consider the law of attraction as a law, while others believe that it is a basic force that holds together all laws. Irrespective of all perspectives, there is one common belief that most hold true i.e., everything in the Universe is energy expressed in different forms. This fundamental law is also known as the Great Law.

What Are Universal Laws? 

Universal laws are fundamental principles that govern the process of creation, manifestation and operation of the universe in both the physical and non-physical plane. The physical plane is bounded by time and space while the non-physical is not. 

Learning about these laws will bestow you with wisdom making you a harmonious human being. By the virtue of these laws, the universe exists in a state of harmony. With these laws, you will learn to mimic nature, the creator, or God. 

When you are harmonious you are peaceful. This signifies that your internal states are balanced. A balanced individual offers little to no resistance in life, he/she simply flows just like the Universe. This quality is a key factor essential for manifestation and is the most difficult to achieve. 

Virtues of Life.

The purpose of your human existence or in other words your physical manifestation is for you to embody three virtues – happiness, peace, and love. All your experiences whether good or bad are only a ladder for you to reach these higher states of vibration. When these states are balanced, you will experience harmony in all areas of your life.

1. Happiness:

Someone rightly said that “Happiness is a state of mind.” When you are unhappy it is because you are suffering. You are suffering because you are not accepting what’s bothering you. Oftentimes it is the ego. Thus, self-acceptance here is the key. For instance, you are unhappy about your boss frequently questioning you, instilling in you a feeling of hatred towards your job. The root cause of your unhappiness is not your boss’s reactions but perhaps your ignorance towards aspects you need to work on. Thus, you see happiness is not something outside you, it has always been within and about you. 

2. Peace:

Like happiness, peace is also internal. You must have wondered why some people who seem to have everything in life are not peaceful? Well, you see nothing in the world can bring peace except yourself. In life, you will encounter situations that will not serve you as life is not always fair. When you accept life with wisdom and realize that everything that happens to you is a reflection of your energy, you will realize your power to control things in your life. This will instill you with peace and hope. When you are unpeaceful, you should ask yourself, “what am I not accepting about myself?”, “what do I need to work on?”,” what is this situation trying to teach me?”, and “what am I resisting?” etc.

3. Love:

Love is an immutable feeling that does not need anything to project on. It does not have any polarity, love just is. Hate is not the opposite of love, it is only misguided love. Love is the highest of all vibrations and is the essence that holds together the entire Universe. Loving someone is to accept and respect them for who they are without judgments or any desire to change them. It’s about realizing that everyone is a product of their very own nature and nurture just like us. This expression of “loving your neighbor as yourself” written in numerous religious and spiritual texts reveal in the simplest way how to achieve this highest form of vibration. 

11 Fundamental Universal Laws.

1. The Law of One

According to this immutable Great Law, “everything in the Universe is connected to the source energy – the one consciousness that governs everything.” Everything manifests from this universal mind. As Einstein rightly said, “everything is energy and a human being is a part of the whole called by us Universe.” This idea is expressed in all paradigms – scientific, psychological, spiritual and religious. In the scientific world, it is known as the Unified Field, in psychology, it is described as Collective Consciousness, in spirituality, it is known as Universal Consciousness and in religion, it is expressed as God.

2. The Law of Mentalism

This immutable law states that “the Universe is mental and everything that exists manifests from the mental to the physical.” You can witness this law in your everyday existence. All that exists around you, all these incredible innovative discoveries and inventions, everything first originated in the mind. You are a part of the whole – the Universal Consciousness, and therefore what you create is a reflection of the same. The characteristics of your mind mimic that of God, the only difference is, it differs in degree. Your reality is not the result of external factors as most like to believe but is a reflection of your mind. You become what you think and believe to be true about yourself. 

3. The Law of Love

The Law of Love manifests itself in all of creation. The entire Universe is a result of love. We are the individual consciousness fulfilling the Absolute’s purpose just like the individual rays of the sun functioning separately to fulfill the sun’s purpose. Each individual consciousness in its uniqueness codifies all the information of the One/Universal consciousness and in this way become one with him. God needs you as much as you need God. 

This universal law is expressed in states of high vibration. It reflects in everything that is peaceful, harmonious, joyful, eternal and perfect. In sacred geometry, it is expressed through beautiful fractals, representing harmonious patterns of numbers. 

4. The Law of Vibration

“Everything in the Universe moves and vibrates, nothing rests.” Every sound, thought, object, has its own unique frequency. Think about this, what is the fundament component of your being? You have cells in your body consisting of molecules. Atoms make up molecules. Electrons and quarks make up atoms and quarks inturn make up protons and neutrons. Quarks are nothing but fast-moving points of energy. Hence, at the most fundamental level of our being, we are energy. Scientists describe sub-atomic particles not as stationary dots in space but more like vibrating, dancing points of energy. 

The frequency that you vibrate in depends not only on what you feel through your five senses but also on what you think and the emotions it produces. It can indeed be difficult to comprehend the connection between the mental and physical aspects influencing vibration. However, quite literally you have the power to manifest your reality by altering the vibrations of your sub-atomic particles through your mental power.   

5. The Law of Correspondence

This is another immutable law and states that “as above so below, as within so without.” It suggests that each law has its corresponding principles in the physical, mental and spiritual realms. Since all emanates from the One source, there is no separation. You will find the same pattern expressing itself in the smallest of electrons to the largest stars in the sky. For instance, the iris of your eye reflects the shape of the helix nebula; brain cells mimic the pattern of the observable Universe and the birth of a cell mimics that of the death of a star etc.

6. The Law of Polarity

Everything has a pair of opposites and contrary to the general belief, opposites are actually identical, only varying in degree. For instance, heat and cold, love and hate, peace and war, positive and negative, appear to be opposites but are actually two extremes of the same degree. This law controls the interactions between the two poles – masculine and feminine for the purpose of creation. 

Just like we have a mind where ideas are generated and a physical realm where it is manifested, so does the Absolute. The One consciousness also has a spirit side where creation is unmanifested, known as the Unmanifested Absolute. Here, the masculine and feminine principles are at equilibrium, it exists simultaneously. The masculine is the transmitter while the feminine is the receiver. The creator or God embodies masculine characteristics while Nature that holds the information embodies the feminine. Therefore, we call God as Father and Nature as Mother. Masculine principles deal with logic, structure, analysis (left brain) while feminine deals with creativity, intuition, understanding (right brain) etc. Creation occurs when both these principles interact with each other. 

7. The Law of Manifestation

All that you think, imagine and create are not original ideas or concepts but already exist in the Unmanifested Absolute. This is an atemporal dimension, meaning time does not exist in this dimension. Since all probable possibilities exist here, past and future can be measured simultaneously. The Unmanifested Absolute is the storehouse of the entire information of the Universe. 

The Law of Manifestation, through the process of acting on polarity results in the process of creation by allowing the unmanifest to manifest. In other words, it attracts the masculine and feminine principles, on the basis of vibration, through the law of attraction resulting in creation. 

8. The Law of Cause and Effect

This law states that every cause has a corresponding effect and vice versa. Nothing happens by luck or chance. You receive what you give out, whether it is good or bad. Life is a mirror, it is a series of cause and effect reflected to you based on your thoughts and actions. Thus, this law gives you the power to create your own destiny through the law of mentalism, ie., all creation is mental. A cause is the source of every action and every cause is mental, influnced by one’s perspective.

Like all universal laws, this law too has corresponding principles in the physical, mental and spiritual realm. However, in the spiritual realm, cause and effect are instantaneous since there is no concept of space-time. In the physical realm, there is a lag because of space-time. You have the power to manifest your desires through the process of creative vizualization. You can do this by eliciting the feelings and emotions of your wish fulfilled. Thus, you will manifest your desires instantly in the spiritual which will eventually manifest in the physical.  

9. The Law of Rhythm

According to this law, everything in the universe moves like a pendulum swing, to a rhythm. Anything when it reaches its point of culmination, i.e., its highest point, the pendulum swings backward until it reaches the forward point and the process repeats. You can observe this law at play in your own life. Try to recall a situation when things were not working out for you and how eventually everything fell in place. The law of rhythm creates the highs and lows of life, just like the troughs and crests of a frequency curve.  In history, you will observe it in the rise and fall of empires or in the change of worldviews from religious to scientific. When people say, history repeats itself, it is by the virtue of this law. 

10. The Law of Nature

The law of nature provides and maintains the very structure of matter through which consciousness manifests. In simple words, it is mother nature that cares and nurtures for all its creation. It manifests itself through the four realms of creation – minerals, plants, animals and human life. This law is at a state of equilibrium when all species maintain harmony and share the planet by respecting the diversity of creation. The law also ensures the continued existence of all species through reproduction. The second aim of reproduction is to maintain a perfect state of health for all species. Everything in nature strives towards perfection. 

Law of Nature speaks through instincts which humans over the years have failed to acknowledge. This is because we began to accept a reductionist, rational worldview resulting in disconnection from nature. Instinct is not rational but automatic. Much of the instinct left in us is expressed psychologically through instant gratification and the desire to satisfy the ego. To become more instinctive, you must observe the needs of your body. 

11. The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a basic law that brings together all other universal laws. As the name suggests, this law attracts everything resulting in manifestations. This is one of the most widely spoken laws today.

Through the process of creative visualization and eliciting the feelings of the desired state of being you can attract what you want. This is because when you make your subconscious believe in something even when it’s not true, it magically attracts it by the virtue of this law. This is because when you truly believe in something, the desired state becomes natural and obvious to you. At this state, you offer no resistance since there are no limiting beliefs thus resulting in an easy manifestation. 


Using manifestation techniques without understanding the logic behind universal laws is like taking medicines for the symptoms of the problem without analyzing it’s root causes. When you understand the logic you will realize that these universal laws are indeed quite simple and you always had an intuitive knowledge about them.

Now go and use the knowledge of these laws to have the life you always wanted, after all, you are the creator of your own universe. 


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